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Cosmetic Dentistry in Chicago, IL

Your smile is an accessory that you’ll wear every day for the rest of your life. If you’re looking for quality and affordable cosmetic dentistry, Chicago dentists at Dr. Attalla, DDS are here to help you look your best.

Whether you’re hoping to make a great first impression during a business meeting or planning for an upcoming wedding, feeling great about how your teeth look can give you the confidence to talk and laugh freely, rather than hide your personality behind a masked smile.

Get the smile you’ve always wanted with customized cosmetic dentistry. Chicago, IL dentists at Dr. Attalla, DDS have over 50 years of combined experience in comprehensive and aesthetic services.

Planning Your Smile Makeover

Having beautiful teeth requires a customized approach for each of our patients. Depending on your budget, immediate needs, and long-term goals, we’ll tailor a smile makeover plan that fits you as an individual.

Depending on your smile’s health and anatomical characteristics, we may recommend one or a combination of the following cosmetic treatments:

Dental Veneers — Dramatically change how your smile looks in just a couple of trips to our office. Veneers cover the front of your smile, making it look whiter and straighter.

Ceramic Crowns, Bridges, or Implants — While restorative in nature, these functional and aesthetically pleasing dental restorations work to treat areas of damaged or missing teeth.

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